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10 Things I Learned from Steve

This is a post to catch-up as well as to cleanse.  I haven’t been able to blog this week.  I honestly haven’t felt like blogging this week. I never want to blog because I feel like I have to or because people are expecting it.  My heart needs to be in it and this week it just hasn’t been in it.  My heart has been other places.

One place my heart has been focused is on sermon preparation. I preached this morning and officiated my first communion.  I believe the morning went well and that God was present.  It was a worship time for me even though I was preaching because I needed to hear the words spoken this morning and by preaching them, they get burned into my head and heart.  To proclaim them out loud is spiritually contractual for me in a way.  If you want to read my sermon, you can at www.fbcjc.org. Click on “Resources” then on “Sermons”.  The title for my sermon this Sunday was “Prone to Wander”.  The other sermon on the list that I preached is from July 24 titled “Tour de Faith” if you wish to read that one as well.

The other place my heart has been this week has been my relationship with Steve. I think it is fair to share that Steve and I made the decision this weekend to not date.  Since I have blogged about this part of my life and it has been noticeably absent lately, I can only assume that some have wondered.  What I don’t want to do is fuel any assumptions or to treat it like some elephant in the room.  However, this involves Steve and me thus the particulars are owned and shared by us alone. We are friends, I respect him tremendously and we both agreed this is best for us right now in our lives. I truly care for Steve and am sad that it didn’t work for us. More than most people will ever know. Steve is a great guy and everyone who knows him knows that to be true. It has been an amazing experience and I have been blessed in more ways than I can count through Steve.  And I have also learned a lot.

To end, here are just 10 of the many “Things I Learned While Dating Steve”:

  1. Suffocating bugs in Ziploc baggies is still cold-hearted murder – no matter how you try and justify it.
  2. Diet Pepsi is tolerable if you are really thirsty and there is no other option.
  3. A lot of times we say “I don’t know” but we really do.  Ya know?
  4. Be on time!  Seriously – it is the respectful thing to do.
  5. I suck at Connect Four.  No, really – major suckage.
  6. Life is about risks.  Take some. Even if they don’t turn out the way you hoped they would, you can still be a better person for it if you choose to be.
  7. Quiznos rocks!
  8. I learned you can kill a plant by watering it too much. Sometimes plants just need some sunlight and some space and they’ll come out of it on their own.  More water isn’t always the answer.
  9. Did you all know there is a show called SportsCenter?
  10. The spiritual is woven into every part of our life. We learn a lot about how to love God by being in relationship with others.  And we learn a lot about loving others by being in relationship with God.  Anything that teaches us better how to do both of these things is worth every moment.

Peace – Melissa  (signing out with her 100th post. Happy Blog Anniversary to me.)

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