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Lessons from Candyland

Each week, I have a standing appointment with a 3rd grade boy. He is my “little brother” and I am his “big sister”. We’ve met nearly every week (except for summers) for three years now.

I was blessed to be matched with such a cool and awesome young man. Talk about a pure heart. Seriously. He is God’s goodness in the flesh. I love my time with Aristide each week as we talk, play Candyland, Battleship or Old Maid. We play math games on my iPhone and we talk about his goal to be a spy one day.

Even with all that love, I fight the temptation each Monday to press on with my work load or to do list and to see the time with this young man as an interruption. But I made a commitment and I love him, so I go.

And 45 minutes later I’m reminded that I need this as much as he does. He helps me remember what is important and that everyone needs to make time in their life to play Candyland with friends and family they love. He teaches me that there is a time for work and a time for play. He shows me that being present with someone else is as worthwhile, if not more worthwhile, than checking a box on my task list.

I hope one day that I don’t have to fight that temptation – with him or with other people. Until then, I remind myself of Princess Lolly and Queen Frostine and the sweetest one of them all – Aristide.

How do you balance work and fun? What helps you fight the temptation of too much work and not enough play? Leave a comment below!


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