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    Movie Recommendation

    A week or so ago I watched the movie The Painted Veil and it became one of my favorite films.  It is an incredibly powerful story of forgiveness and restoration. It has some amazing scenes that would preach. Great cast, great story, amazing scenery. Kitty Garstin (Naomi Watts) is a pretty, shallow young woman from a well-to-do London family, under pressure from her parents to find a husband. Soon after she meets him at a party, she marries Dr. Walter Fane (Edward Norton), an earnest, socially awkward doctor on leave from China, even though she does not love him. The Fanes move to Shanghai, where Dr. Fane is stationed in…

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    Youth Ministry Read

    I’m reading a great book right now entitled Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli, son of youth ministry guru, Mike Yaconelli.  It is amazing!  In fact, I read about two-thirds of the book this evening which is evidence of how good it is and also evidence that I am not taking the necessary time to really engage the text which is a shame.  I am going to have to slow down and journey through it again. It is a must read for anyone that works with youth – minister or volunteer, paid or unpaid. I’d been happy to loan my copy if it will allow you to read it. For…

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    Back to School and Life

    It is a beauitful evening tonight.  It has been incredibly hot in the midwest and we finally had some rain and a little relief today in the tempartures.  I’m sitting on deck enjoying the sounds of nature and a cool breeze. Wireless internet is so amazing…  Ha.  You thought I was going all nature on you.  Okay – that part is absolutely wonderful as well. The youth are all officially back to school today. Some started last week but most went today.  I thought of them often throughout the day.  Wondering how they were doing, if they found someone to eat with in the cafeteria, if they knew anyone in…

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    Hello RevGals

    Thanks for the official welcome back to RevGals!  I’ve missed my cohorts in ministry.  It has been good to see that many of you have passed by my site. I took a break from blogging for quite sometime.  I had difficulty finding my voice for several months.  Life quieted me and the opportunity to blog became another task to do rather than something to enjoy.  So I stopped. But I’m back.  Maybe that’s a threat for some readers … 🙂  Regardless, I will be posting little snippets of life and faith and all that jazz.

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    Weekend Update

    This weekend was the first "me-weekend" I’ve had in a long time! Nearly the whole summer, I think.  I spent Friday night with friends enjoying dinner and a movie. Today I slept in (hallelujah), cleaned some, recycled my overflowing bins, got groceries and helped my sister with some projects as she prepares for the start of school on Monday. I’ve used my new reusuabled bags twice now to purchase groceries and I love them! They are excredibly sturdy and hold a lot of groceries.  And no plastic bags!  I didn’t even know until today that you get a 5 cent refund for bringing in your own bag at the grocery…

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    Saying Goodbye for now

    This is the time of year when I say goodbye for now nearly every day.  My youth are heading to college. For those who are returning, our final times are filled with updates on summer and plans for the year.  A nice hug, a prayer and a reminder to stay in touch. But it is the final lunch or breakfast with my youth that are leaving for the first time that gets me the most.  I’ve had breakfast and lunch nearly every day this week with these youth and so nearly every day this week has had some tears. I just can’t help it.  I make it through most of…

  • My Life


    Our youth Back to School Retreat was yesterday and today at Windermere.  We had a great time together even though it was incredibly hot! Over 100 degrees!!  They swam some yesterday in the lake and we tried to stay indoors as much as possible. I love my youth and it was a good time to hang out together as a smaller group.  It is amazing the different feel a retreat has when we have a smaller group of 20 youth compared to 50 or 60.  It is relaxed and more intimate which I enjoy. Pictures are up here. Today was also a celebration of two major events in our family’s…

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    Hot Summer Days

    Last night I had our 2nd Annual College Campout.  With some of our hottest summer days ….  which is why I was thankful that they voted to stay inside!! We made s’mores in the oven and enjoyed the comfort of AC.  Very wise decision.  I went to bed around 3 this morning so I’m a little tired. This afternoon was another Mission JC for my youth.  Each Wednesday this summer we have been serving in the community on Wednesday afternoons.  We’ve worked with local food banks and community ministries. Today we purchased $400 in groceries, assembled them in a bag and delivered them to local families that are in need. …

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    Going Green One Bag at a Time

    I purchased my new hemp grocery bags today!  I’m excited for them to arrive and to release me from the large amounts of plastic grocery bags I receive while grocery shopping.  Yes, some money up-front but over the long haul our world will be a little bit better place.  By no means have I overhauled my life to be more respectful of the earth but I’m beginning to make small changes in that direction.  Every change helps no matter how small. CBF was good this summer to give all of their participants a free reusable bag from www.reusablebags.com. They have a lot of options of reusable bags plus a lot…