• My Life

    Leaving On a Jet Plane

    ….But I do know when I’ll be back again. (if things go according to plans which you never know.) I head out early Friday morning with a team to the Dominican Republic. We will be working with our partners, Servant’s Heart Ministries, in Sosua, Dominican Republic.  We usually spend a week with them each June doing a mobile medical clinic.  However, we are coming this week to help begin construction of a permanent medical clinic at a location where we use to do a mobile clinic.  How exciting to see the community come together and provide for this great need. There is no care for thousands of people in these areas.…

  • Church Ministry

    We Are Family … Whether You Like It or Not

    Today I was blessed to have the opportunity to preach at FBC-JC. I always enjoy the opportunity to share and the church family is always very gracious.  We are in a sermon series titled “Singing God Songs and Telling God Stories”.  We are basically working through various stories in the Bible and I was assigned the story of Cain of Abel. Here is the link to the sermon if you wish to read it.

  • Church Ministry,  Random Reflections

    Hope for Haiti

    Since Tuesday afternoon, our hearts and thoughts have been held captive by the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti to its core. As stories are told and media is shared, we are seeing the awful reality of the death and destruction that is the reality now for the millions that call the area around Port au Prince home. It is so heartbreaking to imagine what these men, women, and children are going through. It is unfathomable for most US citizens. And it is just one more thing to happen to a country that has endured disaster after disaster and years of abject poverty. Each evening as I head…