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    Friday Reviews: Angry Conversations

    Have you ever felt like you and God needed couples counseling? I know there have been times in my faith journey when it would have been helpful. I know that even more after reading an amazing book by Susan Isaacs titled Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir. Isaacs shares her personal journey with God with wit, honesty, and a refreshing realness that shares her struggles with God – struggles to which most of us can relate. Work. Purpose. Relationships. Feeling abandoned by God, and hearing a friend describe faith as a love story, Isaacs decides to take God to couples counseling, “because we’re not getting along.”…

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    "Don't Put Off Til Tomorrow… " Okay. Tomorrow is Fine but Definitely Not the Day After That.

    I can be a bit of a procrastinator. And by “bit” I mean complete.  I actually started this post three years ago.  Last week I finally cleaned out a kitchen cabinet screaming for attention for years. I ended up throwing away some weird salsa given to me as a house warming present. For my first house. The one I bought in 2000. (Yes, wise one – that means I packed it and moved it instead of throwing it away.)  When I procrastinate on a project and someone offers to help me, I’ll say “No, no.  A lack of planning on my part doesn’t constitute an emergency on your part.”  But I…

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    A Life Well-Lived

    I wrote yesterday about the importance of showing up. I’ve thought a lot the past month about how important it is to be present with others simply because I saw one person do it exceptionally well.  Someone who showed up in the lives of others – even when he was miles away.  If there was an Olympic event for being present with others, Chad Rogers would have won gold and broke records doing it. And then he would have made all of us come up and stand with him on that little box to receive our medal together.  The dude excelled at the ministry of presence and I, along with…

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    The Importance of Showing Up

    Several years ago I was sitting in a parking lot of a resort waiting to check in to my room for a weekend vacation. I’d been looking forward to getting away for a little introvert time. I went to the office to check-in and was met by a young woman obviously stressed, overwhelmed and running in circles.  She was apparently juggling the roles of  receptionist, manager and housekeeper for whatever reason.  She was also needed as a mom to her young daughter who was on the office floor crying – demanding her mom’s attention.  Despite it all, the woman was gracious and apologetic that my room was not ready yet.