Random Reflections

Personality quizzes . . do they really capture us? Can 30 questions really give an accurate portrayal of me?  Are we really not that complex that 30 simple questions can sum us up?  Those of you who know me can read below and vote.

I had to take an online personality quiz for the program I am participating in next week.  Here are the results:I’m a O53-C69-E31-A79-N11 Big Five!!

Wrapping up a work day here. I was out late last night.  I went with Amy to Columbia at 9:30 pm for a concert at Mojos. She has been a follower of the band, Happy Endings, for awhile and saw they would be in Columbia.  Great band and great sound.  Check out their website and listen to their tunes.

Glasssmurfette_1Today has been a great day.  I had a great lunch visit today that was delightful and received a Smurfette glass as a birthday gift – and it had chocolate candy in it too!  Perfect. 🙂    It reminded me of my childhood.  I use to have a bunch of these glasses growing up and we got rid of them.  I’ve kept my eye out for them but haven’t found any.  This one is in perfet condition!  A beauty – and the glass isn’t too bad, either. 🙂

I also got a smurfette t-shirt from Cari for my birthday!  Looking forward to wearing that soon for everyone to enjoy.

Alright – need to head out. Got much to do before a bunch of friends come over tomorrow for the MU game plus dinner tonight with family and a couple from Belarus that are visiting.

Have a great weekend!

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