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30 Hour Famine Countdown

We are in the final countdown to our 30-Hour Famine weekend at Refuge. I have 37 youth signed up for the Friday – Saturday event where we fast for 30 hours to raise money and awareness regarding world hunger.  I did an interview today with a reporter from our local newspaper.  They are featuring the story for this Friday’s Religious Section.  Hopefully, it will encourage others to host a similar event at their churches and to check out World Vision to learn about their wonderful ministries around the world.  We did this last year and the kids did a great job. Young people are natural activist.  The challenge is to help them connect it to their faith rather than a feel-good band wagon movement.

I’ve been reading some follow-up articles from the New Baptist Covenant gathering as people get home and continue to process all that they heard and experienced in Atlanta.  The challenge has been put to all of us to think of the next practical steps we take.  It is very easy to come home and be distracted by all the obligations and responsibilities of life and ministry.  One of the things happening at church that will help me to keep the conversation going is the beginning of our "It’s Time" study groups.  It is a great study in missional living and helping the church be the presence of Christ in their communities.  To date we have 107 individuals signed up for small groups which is a great response! After we finish the study, we have a day of serving planned in the community along with another follow-up brainstorming session to share dreams and empower the church to active service. I’m beyond excited about what that might look like!

On another note, tomorrow is Election Day here in Missouri.  Make sure to exercise your right to vote!

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