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61005_1 Enjoy another brilliant reflection from Ozy and Millie. 

Quick update post.   Returned from Children’s Camp yesterday.  Had a great week.  The kids were mucho fun.  We (or they) swam a lot.  I supervised while sitting in the sun! 🙂  Seriously, we had a really good week.  The weather was beautiful; Windermere is a fantastic place; the adult sponsors were a blast and I got to know the children better.  Plus – one more major thing checked off my summer to-do list.  Yes!

I’m in town for three weeks which is great.  I miss my home.  My home misses me.  We need to spend some quiet moments together getting reacquainted.  You know you’ve been gone for too long when there are spiders coming up every drain.  They have become a little arrogant.  I had to lay down the law last night.   After a few free "flushes" for some, I ended up squishing one in my shower.  Sorry but sometimes you have to remind them of what could happen so they appreciate the grace they receive.  Definitely glad God doesn’t live by the same philosophy. 

Happy 60th Birthday to my Dad today! It is his very special day and he and my mom ran away together.  Good for them.  My Dad is an amazing man and I am so thankful for his love and his life and his example of a godly husband and dad.  Plus, he is just darn cute as an incredibly smitten grandpa. Happy Birthday, Dad.  I LOVE YOU.

Alrighty – I’ll get back to posting more regularly now that I am back.  I will also post pictures really soon from my trips.

Peace – Melissa


  • Olivia

    Hey would you still be wanting to do Middle School Camp in Troy again? or at least come speak one of the evening explosions? love you and miss you girl.

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