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7 Random Things About Me

I’ve been tagged by my friend Midwest Nest with a meme to list seven random things about myself.  I’ve thought on this all day, have started a list three times, and nothing has come to me.  Not even one.  Maybe I don’t know what classifies as random or maybe I don’t find many things in my life to be random or weird.  Perhaps it just goes with my inability to lock things down.  I have always had difficulty naming favorites.  I hate to limit myself.  Who knows my favorite today, maybe this hour even, might not be my favorite the next.

So, for those of you who are saying, "My Lord, Melissa, its simply a list of random things….", here is my attempt.

  1. I’ve lived in the same city for 34 years except for four years in college.
  2. My sister and I were baptized together by my father.
  3. I’ve played piano and violin for most of my life although not much anymore.
  4. I minored in Spanish but can hardly speak it now.
  5. I had my first kiss when I was 23.  Not necessarily by choice (the age thing, not the kiss thing). 🙂
  6. I owned a dog for four days. The only pet I’ve ever owned.
  7. I had major surgery when I was three-months-old which left me with stitches the width of my abdomen.

There.  I did it. Phew.

Now I tag:

Kailey Enloe
Kate Murphy

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