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This is the number of times my site has been visited.  7,000 of those are probably mine! 🙂

Update on Thumb:  One of my blisters is healing quite nicely.  The other blister (based on pain and color) is apparently infected.  I may have to amputate.  Perhaps I should do a live video feed on my blog of the amputation to increase readership.  Hmmm … if you think this is a good idea, give me a thumbs up.

Update on Sleep:  I slept 8 hours last night without the assistance of narcotics.  Praise Jesus.

Update on Blake: I spent time with the handsome, prodigal nephew today.  I understand more clearly what is meant in Genesis when it tells us that God looked at what he had created and said "it is good".  Blake loves his Aunt Moe (and the rest of the family, too, yadda yadda yadda . . . )

Update on Weekend:  I’m taking about 30 youth and some great adults to Kansas City this weekend for Rock the Light – an outdoor Christian concert event.  There are some great artists this year – Bethany Dillon, Jeremy Camp, Third Day. It is a Labor Day tradition for our youth group.  I’m excited also because Preston, Chelsea and Kris Swanigan are going.  Preston has been promoted to a full-fledged adult sponsor (congrats, Preston) and Chelsea and Kris are A.I.Ts (Adults-in-Training).  We’ll stay overnight in Lee’s Summit on Saturday night and then attend Lakewood Community Church on Sunday before returning to JC Sunday afternoon.  Good times.  Then on Monday (Labor Day), Common Ground is having its first football game.  I’m stoked and ready to throw it down.  Although I’m not sure what "it" is that I’m suppose to throw down.  Or am I suppose to bring "it"?  Well, never fear — I’ll bring it and then I’ll throw it down. Grrr. If you are in the area, come join us for a game at 1 pm at Belair Elementary School.

Alright, I’m going to go read for awhile.  I’m almost done with the Bosnian War book I’m reading and I’m anxious to finish it.  Not only because it has been very interesting but also because it is three days over due at the library and they actually have AND enforce late fees now.  No grace.  No mercy. No bleeding hearts that cave in upon seeing my crocidile tears and pitiful begging.

Prayers and thoughts are with the people throughout the south that are suffering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  After two days without tv or news, I caught up today on the situation and it is beyond comprehension.  May the love and compassion of God be evident to all in need through the generosity, service and selflessness of believers.  This is an opportunity for us to be the very visible presence of Christ in a very hurting world.  Let us seek some tangible ways to provide aid to those whose lives have been utterly devastated by this disaster. May we also have a renewed since of gratitude and appreciation for the things in life that we take for granted.

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