Random Reflections

A New Journey

Today’s a great day so far. I broke one of my toes as I was getting out of the shower. At least you know that I shower! It’s all black and blue now. Pretty, huh? So, to help with the pain I decided to have a Coke and M&Ms. It always seems to help.

We have another night of Backyard Bible Clubs tonight. Hope you can come and join us.

Pretty soon I hope to add some thoughts from my time with the Lord and just some reflections on Scripture that I am reading. Hopefully, what I am learning from the Lord will be something that may encourage you.

Shadow – I’m praying for you and your friend situations!

Jen Jen – I’m praying for you too and for relationship issues. Remember that God thinks you are beautiful and loves you deeply. Soak up His devoted attention and remember that he made you a lady of worth and beauty!

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