Faith Reflections

A Prayer for a New School Year

back_schoolBlessed are You, O God, our Creator.
We thank you for the energy and the spirit that you renewed in us through the summer months.
We thank you for the time to enjoy our family and friends and to savor what is important in our lives.
Today is a new day and we come before You, the Author of new beginnings, asking your blessing on this new year.
Bless this community of administrators, educators, and staff as they prepare for the year ahead. Help them to inspire their students so that learning will not cease at the classroom door. Grant them an abundance of patience, compassion and wisdom. Give them a strong sense of mission that will sustain them through the demands and the challenges that lie ahead.
Bless the students throughout our community as they prepare for new beginnings. Calm their fears, nurture their hearts, and strengthen their courage. Help our students and our educators focus on what can be rather than what has been.
We are grateful, God, for new beginnings – both personally and professionally. Remind us to graciously extend them to others as You graciously extend them to us.
In the powerful name of Jesus, our great Teacher and Savior, we pray.

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