Faith Reflections

A Prayer for Us

Loving God, we know there are tremendous problems facing the world – natural disasters, civil wars, violence, disparities in resources, and sickness. We confess that there are days when we look the other way, change the channel, or pretend the problems don’t exist. We say that the problem is someone else’s concern or displace the blame. We are not confident that we can make an impact and we fear failure for ourselves on the behalf of others. We might even think that moving to make a difference will change us in ways that we will not like or make us uncomfortable. Before we even begin, we desire to give up – on our opponents and on the victims.

Forgive us for our faint-heartedness and selfishness, for failing to love others as we should, and for failing to believe that you have empowered us to protect our brothers and sisters.

Remind us, Holy One, that some faithful persons refused to give up on us, and that You have not given up on any of us. AMEN

A Prayer from the Save Darfur Campaign.

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