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Addition to "Five Years From Now" Post

Go back and read my "Five Years from Now" post from Wednesday before reading this.  I came across this quote from Mike Yaconelli (big youth ministry guru who died a couple of years ago.)  Thought it was a helpful tag to my thoughts re: the journey and the destination of which I posted about in the five years post.

Being stuck is a great moment. It may be characterized by frustration, loneliness, or detachment, but those things are only the vocabulary of our souls telling us we are in danger. It is the cry of our souls craving for more. It is our longings and yearnings trying to get our attention. It is a summons, a call from within. It is the glorious music of disaffection and dissatisfaction with where we are now. It is the anguish of our interior life pleading with us—not to give up, but to give in. It is the Holy Spirit stopping us dead in our tracks so we can read the words that God has written on our hearts—surrender.

Some beautiful and challenging words.  If you’re feeling "stuck" right now, chew on this for awhile.

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