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Adoption Day

Today was a very special day for my friend, Adele, and her family.  Today was adoption day for Jessica Ann, the sweet (and energetic) child that has been Adele’s foster daughter for two years – since a few months after Jessica was born.  Adele opened her home and has loved Jessica as her own and Adele is the only mom Jessica has known.  And today, they are legally family – joining Adele’s son, Rashaun, whom Adele adopted in 2002.  I was humbled to participate in both of these special family moments at the request of Adele.  I was present at the courthouse proceedings that see such joyous events as a welcomed change from the usual proceedings.  And I was honored to prepare and lead a brief service of dedication in each instance as a testimony to Adele’s faith in God and her desire to provide a Godly home for her family.  Events like these, even with the chaos that comes naturally with children behaving as children, are beautiful reminders of the important things in life that call for celebration.  Adele is living a life obedient to some of the clearest commands of Scripture – to love the orphans; to care for the children who have been abandoned; to give of self for the benefit of others.  I imagine there are days that Adele wonders if she’ll have enough energy, enough patience, enough will to keep up.  But I doubt there is ever a day when Adele wonders if she’ll have enough love.  And in the end, it is love that will be enough … Adele’s love for her son and daughter; the children’s love for the woman who has always been and will always be "mom" but beyond all of that … God’s abundant love for a woman who has given the greatest gift possible to two very beautiful and special children.  Adele – you are a true hero and I’m proud to call you friend.

On an unrelated note, here is a word from the Word today that is such a good reminder to me.
The Lord doesn’t make decisions the way you do! People judge by outward appearance but the Lord looks at a person’s thoughts and intentions.  I Samuel 16:7  So many things of God are opposite of what we would assume.  We must be careful not to fixate on the wrong things and miss God at work.

Peace – Melissa

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