Random Reflections


We are in Amsterdam.  And tired! 🙂  It is 1:40 am Missouri time but morning here in Amsterdam.  We didn’t sleep much but hope that will happen in the next eight hour flight.  We depart at 10:15 am for Nairobi.  We will arrive at 7 pm Nairobi time.  Pray for us to catch our sleep. While I’m blogging via wireless here at the Amsterdam airport, Emily is catching some zzzs.  
Emily sleeping on the airport floor.
Emily sleeping on the airport floor.

The flight was very smooth and uneventful – just the way we like it.   There is a large group of Baptists folks from Missouri and Tennessee on our flights. They are going to build churches in Kenya.
I apologize for the crazy postings earlier.  I was blogging via text and didn’t realize that there was a limit on how many words I could send at one time.  Thus – the 15 different posts!  I have wifi here so am taking the time to correct that earlier post and update.
From here on out, internet access is not guaranteed.  I will be able to text and will keep them to a sentence or so. 🙂  It will be a good discipline for me.
Again, thank you for all of your prayers. It is so wonderful and peaceful to know that we have your support and that you are here with us in the Spirit of God.  May God continue to go ahead of us and prepare the way for Kingdom experiences and relationships with our partners.  We are so humbled and blessed to have them open their doors, churches, and ministries to us.
Melissa (and Rand, Emily, Susan and Lori)

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