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Angelina Wannabe

29m Saw Mr and Mrs Smith tonight.  Every movie I watch with Angelina Jolie makes me want to hit the gym hard.  It was a good movie and I loved the relationship battles –  both the physical and the mental games they played.  Totally into that.  Yep – tomorrow at the Y, I’m going to start working on my Lara Croft/Mrs Smith moves.  Beware if you mess with me…. 🙂

I was back to work today in the office for the first time in a couple of weeks.  A few piles to work through and much to do throughout the week but it is all good. I was originally suppose to have a Deacon’s mtg tonight but that was cancelled last week.  Then I was suppose to have a softball game tonight but the rain took care of that.  So, it finally landed on Steve and I hitting the movies and a pan of brownies.  The third try was definitely the winner.

No much else to share tonight.  I’ve not read much lately due to a busy schedule.  And I’m mentally and physically tired at this point so I’m sure I could not come up with anything constructive or meaningful to say.  So, I’ll leave it with this:  God is truly faithful.  God truly hears us.  God truly knows what is best for us and plans to give us a hope and a future. And often when you least expect it, you’ll look around and realize that is exactly what God has done while you are faithfully giving God one day at a time.

God is good.  –  Melissa

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