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Anniversaries, Weddings and Birthdays

Last weekend was spent celebrating major life moments.  Friday, August 12th, was my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary.  What a beautiful example of a healthy, God-centered partnership.  I am more than fortunate to have the testimony of their marriage to bless me over my life and to guide me on the kind of marriage I want if I ever choose to marry.  Congratulations, Mom and Dad, on 38 beautiful years that produced two perfect, gorgeous, intelligent and humble daughters.  🙂

On Friday and Saturday, I was involved in the wedding ceremony of Joe Terriquez and Michelle Barton.  I was the minister and this was my first larger, church service to preside over.  What a wonderful experience and I’m humbled that Joe and Michelle invited me to be a part of it.  Michelle is a former student and youth and we’ve developed a special friendship over the past 7 or 8 years.  Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Yep – I got a free meal out to the deal!!  Then I spent Saturday morning working on the ceremony – tweaking my wedding charge (the sermon as we call it normally).  The wedding was at 3 pm and we were done by 3:20 pm.  Thank the Lord for Baptist weddings. 🙂  I stayed for pictures and the dinner.  (Yes – another free dinner!!)  Then – I raced out of there for the 1st Birthday party of my handsome and perfect nephew, Blake.

Cake Blake turned 1 on Saturday and we had a great time celebrating together as a family.  I’ve posted some pictures from his party in the Blake photo album so check it out. See – I’m not lying when I say he is handsome! He was great but a little cranky.  He’s cutting some major teeth and it causes him a lot of discomfort.  But he did love his gifts and that perked him up.  Then we did the traditional "hook-your-child-early-on-sugar".  Blake had his own little cake to put his hands in and play with.  I must confess that there was a small part of me that grieved the waste of perfectly good icing.  But for Blake’s enjoyment, I did not intervene.  After some playing around, my sister Angela, gives Blake a little bite of icing so he can taste it.  Immediately, he started making these weird face contortions. We were laughing at first but by third one we realized what was coming next.  Mt. Milk erupted!  A fountain of orange milk, dyed by the icing, poured out of his mouth and all over the high chair.  I shouted "COOL" and quickly realized that it was an inappropriate response and should have remained in my head.  Blake was not too traumatized. Perhaps he will be one of the lucky ones who can’t stomach sugar.  The rest of it snort it any chance we get.

Yep – last weekend was full of major celebrations and what a blessing each one was to me. 

Speaking of celebrations, tonight is girls night with two of my special, crazy girlfriends – Cari and Maria! After I get home from church, we are celebrating at my house.  What are we celebrating?  Whatever the heck we want to.  I’ll post tomorrow on our good times – or at least some of our good times.  Some I may just not be able to post about . . . 🙂

Peace – Melissa

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