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Last night I saw the movie Atonement based on the book by author Ian McEwan. Atonement is up for several
awards and haAtonementpicss won a few already including the Academy Award’s Best Drama.  Keira Kneightly and James McAvoy star in this powerful drama based in Britain in the years leading into World War II.  It is an incredibly powerful and well-done film with a story that left me crying and heart-broken which is a testimony to the story-telling ability of McEwan.

Stories like these make me marvel at the creative writing abilities of individuals who create such powerful stories and rich characters that you continue to care for them long after the movie has ended. If you have the chance, you should see the film. I’m planning to read the book soon . . . after I finish the current pile of books that I’ve purchased to read.

I’m beginning Persuasion by Jane Austen to prepare for a book club meeting this Thursday. I’ve not read this class so hoping it will be a rich and interesting story.

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