Random Reflections

Back from the Dead

Okay, okay.  It has been incredibly too long since I posted last.  Call it busy, call it lazy, call it whatever you’d like.  Nevertheless, I am truly sorry to all who are faithful to check back to this site and are SADLY disappointed. 🙂  (Adrian, Beth, and my Aunt Judy! Thanks for being faithful ladies!) I promise to try and get my groove back on and update this place.

Blake update:  Cute as EVER!  I will be adding pictures tomorrow some time.  I have some cute Halloween pictures of this little pup. 🙂  He is growing like a weed and getting heavy.  My parents are definitely enjoying having them with him while Ang works.  And Ang, my sis, is quite tired between full-time teaching and full-time mommy-hood.  But she wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Work update:  Work is going great.  I’m getting ready to take about 55 high school youth on retreat this weekend.  We are going to our beautiful get-away called Logan Valley.  Good times.  It should be a little chilly at night but at least dry this year.  Looking forward to hanging out with all my AWESOME youth.  Love you, guys and gals!   I also preached our morning services this past Sunday and it was a good morning.  I talked about how we wrestle with God and that we need to cry uncle, surrender to God, and let Him bless us.  So, now, I’m just trying to practice what I preach.  🙂

House update:  Okay – the kitchen is pretty much done.  My mom is finishing hemming the last set of curtains.  I have a wallpaper border to purchae and some rugs to get.  A couple of other minor touches and FINALLY done.  I did promise pictures and I will get them up soon.

Okay – that is the major stuff for right now.  I think that sums it up.  The last month has been busy with youth trips; church events; time with friends and family and the regular crazy week to week responsibilities.

Love you all and may you have a blessed day as you read thi (and may you not fall over from heart shock that I have actually posted something new!)


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