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Been "Gon" A Lot

534250_10150985310936343_2016799786_nIf I needed motivation to quit some things, I found some today via a letter that my 7-year-old nephew wrote as part of a class assignment in first grade.

Dear ant moe
I miss you so much becuse you have been gon a lot
You’r been on misson trips and going to the zoo.  I want you to stay and play with me and morgan outside!
and I want you to stay for aver and …. aver!

Ugghhh. Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of heartwrench, a distant cousin to heartburn but much more painful.
One of my primary roles in life is “Aunt Moe”. I need to make sure my actions back that up.  It is one thing to say something is a primary role in your life; it is another thing entirely to live it out. I’ve not been very good about the living it out lately in regards to being an aunt. My work role dominates way too much of my life.
For the record, I only go to the zoo with my niece and nephew.  So, I can only infer that by “going to the zoo” my nephew means “going to the office” which just proves once again how wise and perceptive he is.
What are your primary roles in life?  Do your actions back that up? Any you’ve been neglecting that you need/want to work on? Leave a comment: here

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