Random Reflections

Blessing Booyah!

Sorry I’ve not posted for a couple of days.  It has been crazy, whacked out busy but good and rich in blessings.

Tuesday blessings:  Experiencing true undeserved grace from a friend and being reminded of the undeserved grace I receive endlessly from God.  A soul friend who is available to listen and receive me whenever I need him.

Wednesday blessings: My middle school youth playing ultimate frisbee despite the chill.  They rock big time and I love them!  Katherine for buying me a box of KUDOS!! (I say "kudos" a lot and so she thought of me when she saw them in the store! And they are the Shrek kind which are my fav. Props and KUDOS for Katherine!  Liz sharing with me an unexpected blessing from her week. A few hours of uninterrupted retreat with a soul companion was a perfect, unexpected blessing to end one day and start the next!

Thursday blessings: Beautiful and rich conversation with my mom.  Taking my handsome nephew for a stroll on a beautiful spring day.  (by the way – i posted new photos of him today in the "Blake’s Pic" photo album.  Check them out!)  An awesome time of volleyball tonight.  We always have a blast playing and spending time together as a team and as a Common Ground group.  What a blessing CG is to me!  Kudos to Maria who makes my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard!  Getting a flashlight tour of a yet to be completed house that will rock and for the awesome tour guide. Anyone who doesn’t think this house rocks is a gravy dish! 🙂 Wrapping up the day this way was a complete and unexpected blessing.

How rich am I and how thankful I am for such awesome blessings.  This weekend is going to be SLAMMING with good things and so I will have more to post on that. 

BTW – if you don’t know what "booyah" means, go to www.urbandictionary.com and find out what it means. 

In the meantime, I am pooped from too many late nights so this is it.  I’m outie.

Peace – Melissa

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