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Book Club Wrap-Up

Tonight was the last meeting of my book club for 2008.  We didn’t read a book for tonight’s meeting but instead gathered for food, fellowship, and to plan for 2009.  Everyone was to bring two book recommendations for 2009 for the group to read.  We would all get our first choice and then we would put our second choices into a hat and draw books for the remaining months.  There are 8 of us so 4 of us were able to get our second choices in there. 
We have an excellent line-up for 2009.  I can’t remember all of the books selected at this time but here are a few I remember:

I’m excited about reading this books. I’ve read Traveling Mercies and Nickled and Dimed and loved them both! I’ve read part of Eat, Pray, Love and it was good but I just wasn’t in the mood to finish it.  I will this time though.
The other book that I recommend was What is the What by Dave Eggers.  It is a New York Time’s Best Selling fictionial account of a true story of a Lost Boy of Sudan.  I haven’t read it yet but I’ve read other books along this line and find them very powerful.  So even though the group is not reading it, it is on my “To-Read” shelves in my office.  Yes, plural.  I have a lot.  Some girls buy shoes.  I buy books.


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