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Booyah Day

Today rocked!  What a fine, fine Wednesday and I had NO idea when I woke up how great it would be.  Totally unexpected blessings.  HA! (thought I’d dropped this, huh? Not a chance. Unexpected blessings are the greatest – right, Grady?) I just decided not to post about them every day.  But today . . . well, today was just grand.  It was a rich and grand because of people and because of ideas and because of possibilities and because of dreaming and because of Spirit moments.

I finished The Last Word and the Word After That  book by Brian McLaren and it was such a great read.  I enjoyed it thoroughly not only for the rich dialogue within the text but because of the richness of reading along with a friend and processing it along the way.  Such a better way to read texts like these.  Thanks, B, for all the processing and challenges and rabbit chasing.  I love those "rascally rabbits"! 

Side note:  I realized I used the word "rich"  3 times above.  Before you beat me down on that, let me argue that it is evidence of the great value that such things bring to life.  I will take such "riches" over material riches any day.

I was blessed by Chelsea’s presence in our office.  She is such a sweet spirit and great to have near by.  I’m glad she is working along-side me this summer.

Preston and Steve – your emails are highlights in the day.  You guys crack me up.  Preston, you are so worth $200 and Steve, remember – one strike!!! 🙂

I was super blessed by Cari who dropped by tonight with some great indulgences and some wonderful conversation.  I am very thankful for this surprise friendship in someone I’ve known for a many years but only recently have developed a friendship with. 

I truly appreciate all of you and thank God for your presence in my life.

Peace – Melissa

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