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Burn, Baby, Burn

We finished our second day at the beach but we weren’t out very much.  Most of us (okay – all of us) are burnt – some worse than others.  We, Missourians, are not

Our Beach House for the Week
Our Beach House for the Week

 prepared for the beach sun.  Which is a shame because today was a gorgeous day outside!
Rick and Theresa (the other two sponsors) were up around 8 am and headed out for some morning adventures.  Rick hit the nearby golf course and Theresa checked out some local antique shops. I got up about and hour or so later and worked for little while before the seniors stirred.  Most just chilled inside or did sporadic trips outside.
The group went into Gulf Shores in the afternoon to do some souvenir shopping and to eat out.  I stayed back at the beach house to get some work done.  I leave as soon as I get home for Kenya and a week after I return from Kenya, I head to the Dominican Republic.  I have a lot to get done before I head out on those trips.  So it was great to have the afternoon to focus in on those events.  I also did laundry, washed some dishes and made puppy chow – a favorite snack of the kids.  
When the sun was lower in the sky, we headed out to enjoy the evening.  The seniors got in the water, I took several pictures and we walked some on the beaches – picking beach houses that we would purchase if we could.
This is such a fun and relaxed group.  They’re laid back and get along together great. They enjoy spending time together -whether watching “The Office” or playing Scattergories.  It has been a lot of fun which is the point of the trip – to just spend time together before we go our separate ways.
Tomorrow we are headed back to town for the afternoon for some watersport activities.  All of the seniors are going to jet ski for awhile and then four of the seniors will go parasailing.  Should be a fun day!

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