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C-Group Aroma

Two weeks ago the weekly high school small group (we call them c-groups) that meets in my home multiplied into two groups.  We had 12-14 kids coming consistently and it was too large for a small group.  Not everyone could be heard. It was difficult to get through a lesson, etc.  We had talked for quite awhile that we would need to multiply one day when our group was large enough and strong enough.  And the day came.  We planted a new c-group on Monday nights with two youth stepping up to co-lead it.  It is so awesome!  I love to see that happen even when I’m sad about not seeing certain kids every week at my house. But it is a good thing because more youth will be reached this way.
As a result, last night I had my first c-group at my house that was all guys.  Me and five guys.  We played Wii for awhile than got to our small group share time.  Answering irrelevant questions, etc.  As the rest of the lesson progressed, it was interrupted on occasion with farts.  At first there was some attempt to disguise farting-manthem or to at least pretend it was some weird noise like a chair creaking or a shoe sliding on the table.  But after awhile, the level of comfort was completely there and rather than that being expressed in answers to questions, it was expressing through farting.
The highlight: We gather in our circle, arms across shoulders and as I close the prayer, ……  yep, you guessed it.  A musical AMEN escaped from one of the members.
We wondered if Jesus and the disciples ever had these kind of gatherings around fires or on boats or in places where they stayed on their travels.  We agreed that where two or three guys are gathered …. 🙂


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