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C-Group Craziness

It’s Tuesday night and that means c-group adventures.  I arrived at my house after a run to find two of my guys chillin outside in the street.  They were sitting in lawn chairs by one of their cars listening to techno music.  Of course it was a perfect night for such activity.  I joined them for awhile before some of the others arrived.  Later they were practicing a little kung-fu trickery.  Enjoy the shot…

Dsc03027_1No one got hurt in the making of this photo.

Oh yeah – Bible study happened too.

In case you were wondering.

Which I would wonder too based on my descriptions of c-groups sometimes.

What a gorgeous day today!  I took a late lunch, grabbed Subway and went to the Governor’s Garden for a great lunch outside. It was a picture perfect day.  There were several kids at the garden on a school field trip and it was nice to hear the sounds of them playing while sitting in the sun.  I was thanking God repeatedly for such a blessing of a day.  The beauty is not lost on me that is for sure.  I sat outside for awhile just listening to the sounds of spring (ironically).  I watched a Monarch butterfly make its way around the garden.  I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and my feet.  I prayed through many things and felt God’s warmth embrace me.  It was one of the most nourishing lunches I’ve tasted in a long time.

I did something progressive today.  I took tomorrow morning off so Preston and I can celebrate the day by playing golf!!! 🙂  Yep.  I worked 12 hrs on Monday and 10 hours today.  Thursday (which is my day off) will be spent in a conference all day in Columbia.  So I definitely deserve to take the morning off and since it is such gorgeous weather and I know this is a brief window to enjoy, I’m hitting the greens tomorrow and I just know it will be a great game!  I’m going to have my lowest score to date.  I can feel it. 🙂

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