Random Reflections


Tuesday nights are c-group night at my house.  I ran home from NCD meeting with one waiting for me on the steps.  They are here from 7:30 – 9:00 pm every Tuesday but usually come a little early and stay a little late.  I put some pizza rolls in the oven, got them settled and away they go.  Right now, they are doing a trust fall on my deck.  ON my deck, not OFF my deck.  Big difference.  Here are some pictures. October_2005_001_1_1 October_2005_003_2

I was having trouble with my contact in my right eye lately and made an appointment on Monday.  It appears I have an infection in my right eye.  So, I’m in glasses this week and doing antibiotic drops throughout the day.  I go back Friday to check the progress.  Just another reason to do the lasik surgery.

I made an amazing purchase on Sunday – a portable space heater.  I love it. I carry it with me around the house.  Seriously.  At night it is in my bedroom and my room is so toasty.  Just perfect.  I think that throughout the winter, when I get to the point where I can’t stand winter any longer, I will crank the heater up in my room, shut the door for a while and then hangout in my low-cost spa. Beautiful.

My nephew Blake has been sick the past several days.  He has the flu stuff that has been going around in many schools. Pray for the little guy.  I know he doesn’t feel well at all.

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