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Cajun it Up!

We’re here!  I have a few moments on a hotel computer so thought I would send a little update.  We made it to New Orleans yesterday afternoon (Sunday) around 2 pm.  Before we could check in, we went and walked a couple of hours around the Riverwalk and Bourbon Street.  None of my seniors have been here before so it was a very new and eye-opening experience.  New Orleans is a whole different culture from JC, MO.  We came back to shower and then went out to dinner last night.  17 of us make it a little interesting for dining.  After that some of my boys wanted to hear some live jaxx music so I took them to Preservation Hall – very famous jazz place down in the French Quarters.  They had a blast and the music and weather were perfect.  We came back about 11 pm in the rain.

I went 38 hours without sleep.  I believe a record for me.  Got some sleep last nigth and we are ready to hit it this morning and then go to the beach this afternoon.

Hope to post more later!!  But in the meantime, know our senior trip is rocking and we are having a grand time.

Peace -Melissa

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