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I know it has been one week since I posted last. People have been tremendously kind in not pointing that out which either means they are kind or they haven’t noticed that its been a week which really isn’t a compliment, is it. Life has been busy and the few times I’ve been able to sit down to consider posting, I’ve been at a lost for what to say.  I could give you a play by play of my day but that really isn’t too interesting unless you are one of those individuals who craves being in the know.  And if you are then I find it quite entertaining to mess with you and leave you in the dark about my agenda – albeit professional or personal – for the past week.

I mapquested the YMCA today because it has been so long since I’ve been there, I wasn’t sure if I could find my way there tonight. Not that I haven’t been active.  I have.  I just am completely out of my routine at the Y and need to get back to it asap.  But tonight I did make it back for a racquetball match with Dan.  I’ve been wanting to play racquetball for a long time.  I had my first game back in April and haven’t played since.  I even bought equipment but hadn’t been able to break them in yet.  But tonight I did.  It was a great game and Master Dan taught me some new racquetball skills.  We played five games and here are the scores (my score first) – 2 – 15; 7 – 15; 0 – 7; 8 – 15; 9 – 15.  Yes – I didn’t win any but notice the improvement.  (except the little skunk game in the middle – yeah, don’t know what happened there.)  Improvement is good.  The best sound still is a racquetball whizzing past your head.  See below the cool impact the ball makes upon contact with the wall.  This is why we wear the freaky goggles that leave red marks on your face.  I’m a wus and even brought cotton to put between my goggle and my forehead because it digs in so much.  But it didn’t help . . .

Good times. Good exercise.  I’m hoping this winter to get a lot of racquetball and tennis playing time. I think that will be fun and will keep the winter blues at bay.  My golf season is about done with winter approaching. 

I’m reading a new book by Don Miller titled "Throught Painted Deserts".  Very interesting as I have found most of Miller’s books to be.  He writes a little about admiring people who ask "how" questions but never need to ask the "why" questions.  This is what he says, "And that is what I mean by admiring peoiple who don’t think about the why questions, because they can just get a job, a big house, a trophy wife, and do whatever they want and never ask if it is connected to anything, whether their how is validated by their why." (20)  I am a "why" person and there are indeed many times I wish I was just a "how" person.  It would save so much mental work and energy to not truly care about the why because so many times the why questions can’t be answered to my satisifaction.  But yet I can’t honestly be happy with the how questions because I need the answer to the why questions in order to determine if the how questions are even worth answering.  This may not make sense at all but I really resonated with Miller’s thoughts.

Okay – I’m wrapping this post up with a little survey for my readers.  I’ve decided to get a new vehicle in 2006 and I have no idea what I am going to purchase.  So, I’m open to your auto biases and shameless plugs. What should I buy?  What should I toot around in for the next 10 years?  My red jeep is part of my identity for my adult existence in JC.  What car screams "Melissa"? 🙂  Leave me a comment and tell me what to shop for.  If I buy the vehicle you suggest, I’ll give you the first ride.  What more motivation do you need?

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