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What a busy week or two this has been.  I don’t even know if I can remember everything to catch up on.  Let’s see . . .

Last Friday: It snowed like crazy on this day.  It was a mess by early evening.  So I was meeting up with Bryce for dinner and to go hang out with friends and he called and he had little incident with his Explorer.  A very unique parking job over a four-foot edge behind his house.  So I went over to make fun of him and to take pictures.  It was way cool.  Then we went to Taco Bell and the over to a friends house for the evening. Watched XMen something, played games, had lemon birthday cake (yum, yum).  Not my birthday – one of my friends.  Late night but good times.

Saturday: Slept in and stayed put for awhile with all the snow.  Then went to the Y to work out for awhile.  Then to the mall to find something to wear to the Governor’s Ball (more later on this).  Met up with my friend Neena at the mall.  Then Neena, Bryce and I hung out at Neena’s eating her fabulous cooking and just chillin.

Sunday:  A day of worship.  We had regular church services and then a special Bible Study.  I was home mid afternoon.  Then went with Neena and Christina to the Y to work out.  Then we again went to Neena’s to hang out.  Neena spent the evening fixing my hair in a million ways to figure out how I would wear it to the ball on Monday.  (that’s next)

Monday:  Inauguration day.  Started the day early at church because we were hosting the governor’s prayer service.  Packed house with all kinds of political folks and onlookers.  Everything went well and smooth.  Had lunch with all my family.  Little Blake is a handsome little angel.  I need to post new pictures ASAP so you can see how handsome he is.  Around 5 pm I went to Neena’s for a quick bite and to get dressed for the ball and to do my hair.  She is great with hair styling.  We went to the ball at the Capitol at 7 pm and went to meet up with some of her friends that worked there.  Then we met up with some other friends.  Then I had an awesome time dancing the evening away.  What fun!  Thanks to Preston and Bryce for the dances.  Mucho impressivo, boys.

Tuesday: Slept in! Then to work for the entire day.  I had a meeting after church and then our C-Groups started back up so the youth were over here a little after 7 for the evening.   Great Bible study has we get back into the swing of things.  C-Groups are like family and it is always great to get back together after the break.   

Wednesday:  Work all day.  Got home a little after 9 pm.  Snowed through the night.

Thursday:  Slept in (are you catching the pattern??) Woke up to snow everywhere – only an inch or two.  Went to the Y to play tennis with a friend and then we went to lunch.  Then over to have my Thursday fix of Blake.  He rolled over 7 times today from his stomach to this back.  Could an aunt be more proud?  NO.  So I got lots of hugging time and fed him.  To think this is a mere fraction of the way God feels toward me.  Unbelievable.  Incomprehensible.  Thank you God for loving me so much and for taking such pleasure in me and all your creation.

Tomorrow its back to work.  I have a movie night tomorrow with Common Ground.

Oh yeah – signed up for Yahoo Messenger yesterday.  GREAT music all day long for my choosing and enjoyment.  If you have messenger, my screenname is Yutegal1973!  Drop me a line sometime.

Peace –


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  • Kailey

    Again to everyone who didn’t read my last post on here. Mel looked hot, I mean she was the queen of the Ball. Again, it was great to hang out with you I wish that night could have lasted forever, and for several reasons. 😉
    I’m excited to see you tomorrow and catch up on the week. Have a great friday and if you get this let me know about Saturday.
    Luv ya!

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