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I know it has been over a week since I posted last.  It has been a busy time with most evenings full with meetings and other things.  By the time I can post, I’m tired and not able to gather coherent thoughts.  Although some might argue my thoughts are not very coherent even when I’ve had sleep.

Had a great night of volleyball tonight.  It was just a fun night in many ways.  Some great friends; some fun exercise.

I’ve been praying fervently for someone.  I realize that often I don’t pray with faith.  Instead, I pray with fear.  There is an intensity and direction to my prayers that comes from fear that God might not answer the way I want him to answer.  I pray because I fear the outcome or the situation.  Instead, I need to pray with faith – faith that God will answer according to His will and what is best.  So, I’ve been trying to do that this week since Tuesday in this particular situation and I believe it is working.  Whether it is changing the situation, the other person or just me, praying with faith seems to be the way to go.

Pray for my nephew, Blake.  He has an ear infection and some of this virus stuff going around and he feels miserable.  It is hard to see a little one sick like that.  Pray for a quick recovery.

Wednesday I started a new c-group Bible sutdy with some youth at church.  It was awesome.  I miss having a small group of youth to do some deep Bible study with.  It was a true blessing.

Last Sunday I went with Kailey, her mom and Mark’s mom to the Bridal Spectacular.  That was an event.  Craziness.  I was worried that at any moment a bride went freak out and send the rest of the brides into a crazed rage inside the Y.  Thankfully, it didn’t happen.  But I did get to eat some wedding cake.  Yummy.  And Kailey had a great time and got some major things taken care of.  Some – kudos for all of that.

I need to wrap this up and head to bed. Long Friday ahead.

Peace – Melissa

Peace – Melissa

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