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    What the World Needs Now

    “What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of. Not just for some, but for everyone.” Hal David, Song writer I was reading about a church plant, Imago, the other day in the book, Blue Like Jazz. In the book, author Don Miller talks about their humble beginning and the difficulty they experienced in growing because of their focus internally. Then the group committed itself to simply loving others because they deserve to be loved. No other agenda, no other motivation, no outreach plan for the church. Just love. In a short time. their community grew and within two years,…

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    Giving Jesus a Ride (Repost)

    A couple of years ago, I gave Jesus a ride.  He was a middle-aged woman with a yellow backpack and a cane walking north on Highway 63. I almost missed him.   After finishing the second service at church, I was running late for a meeting in Ashland, a little town 15 minutes away.  Speeding up the highway, I was on him before I knew it.  I quickly recognized the woman walking with her thumb outstretched as the woman who had visited our church earlier in the day looking for help. She was passing through mid-Missouri on her way from Portland, Oregon, to wherever the road took her.  After one…

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    Do For One

    This is the sermon I shared on May 27, 2012, at First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, MO Title: Do For One What You Wish You Could Do For Everyone   Text: Mark 1:35-45 In 1998 in Fort Worth, Texas, Ron Hall, a white, wealthy art dealer met Denver Moore, a black, homeless drifter.  Ron’s wife, Debbie, had convinced him to volunteer with her at the local homeless shelter, the Union Gospel Mission.  This was way out of Ron’s comfort zone but his wife could be very persuasive so he went.  As they served meals and visited with the homeless guests, they were drawn to an allusive Denver Moore.   Miss Debbie, as Denver…

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    Be Careful What You Wish For

    First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, Missouri January 29, 2012 I Samuel 8:1-22 “Be Careful What You Wish for Cause You Just Might Get It” If you are a fan of the Wii game “Just Dance 2” than the title of this sermon may sound familiar.  I would play part of the song for you this morning but I’m afraid a third of you would stand up and start doing the dance moves from the game.  And while that might be incredibly entertaining for many of us and in some venues might be classified as charismatic worship, it probably isn’t entirely appropriate for this time or place. The sermon title comes…

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    TED Talk: SAME Cafe

    I wrote yesterday about the SAME Cafe in Denver and the “pay-what-you-can” model.  I’d love for you to hear in Libby’s own words the heart behind the cafe. Libby Birky, co-founder of SAME Cafe, gave a TED Talk about the heart behind SAME CAfe.