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    Thanksgiving Prayers

    Best wishes to each of you on this day of thanksgiving. May we feast on satisfying time with family and friends and remember those who no longer sit at the table. May we taste the love, mercy, and presence of our Triune God and remember those who are starving for the Bread of Life. May we gather around the table in spirit with the family of God around the world and remember those whose tables are empty.

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    The Fifth Face on Mt. Rushmore

    When I went to Mount Rushmore this summer, I took a lot of pictures. It is an amazing place and truly fascinating how these guys managed to carve out these massive monuments to four presidents. Or, wait. Maybe there were five. I think they gave us four definite faces – Washington, Roosevelt, Jefferson and Lincoln. But then they carved a fifth one and left it optional. Or maybe the crew was just monkeying around. So, who would you tag as the president on the far right of the monument?

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    Thoughts on Dominican

    I returned Saturday evening after eight days in the Dominican Republic working with Servant’s Heart Ministries. I led a team of six others from our church.  It was an amazing week of ministry, of relationship-building, of warmth! (literally since it is snowy here and sunny there). I love to travel, to immerse myself in other cultures, to meet the large family of God. I find joy in bringing a team along – especially newbies who remind me of the first-time awe and joy of a mission trip. I’m grateful for the physical reminders of what daily life is like for the majority of the world.  Did you know that if…

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    Hope for Haiti

    Since Tuesday afternoon, our hearts and thoughts have been held captive by the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti to its core. As stories are told and media is shared, we are seeing the awful reality of the death and destruction that is the reality now for the millions that call the area around Port au Prince home. It is so heartbreaking to imagine what these men, women, and children are going through. It is unfathomable for most US citizens. And it is just one more thing to happen to a country that has endured disaster after disaster and years of abject poverty. Each evening as I head…

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    Focus on the Person

    There are many ways to protect the dignity of individuals whose dignity is threatened by life situations. One of the challenges that we face when caring for a neighbor is the challenge to honor and respect him. Sometimes we are so focused on doing a deed or seeing a result that we trample on the very person we are trying to help. It isn’t about the cup of water, the plate of food, or the warm coat. It is about each individual deserving a cup of water, a plate of food, or the warm coat. When we focus on the things, we forget about the person. When we focus on…