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    A Youth Pastor's Hurt

    I’m starting my twelfth year as a youth pastor at the same church.  That is a really long time in youth ministry and a really long time as a youth pastor in the same church.  I remember my current youth when they were mere babies and the first youth I had in my ministry are now having babies. Over the twelve years, I’ve shared countless moments with hundreds of teenagers.  I honestly don’t have a number for you but I do have names. Names and faces;  joys and sorrows. It is important to remember the joys from the years.  Those memories are life-giving and often help spur continued years of ministry.  I…

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    I Have a Secret

    I want to help my youth live a better story.  Some of them have had bad stories written for them and some have chosen bad stories. But God has a great Story for them and I want to do everything I can to help them live a better story. A story of living life abundantly. A story that is a great adventure with God.  A story where they realize how beautiful they are because God made them and God forgives them. But in order to move forward and write better chapters, we all need to let go of some of the baggage from our bad stories.  We need to confess,…

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    Getting Schooled By My Youth

    The youth in my youth group teach me a lot of things. There are the very useful things like how to master the Wii, how to have fun, how to fart on demand (okay, I already had that mastered.) They remind me that you can make a difference and that it is never to late to start. They remind me to relax and that to be present in some one’s life is more important than designing a stellar program or event. They teach me that selfishness is pervasive and that I once was as awkward and self-conscious as they are and I would be wise to not forget it. They…

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    When It's All Worth It

    Ministry can be discouraging. I imagine it is the same in most jobs.  The things that end up dominating your “to-do list” or clogging your email or voicemail are things that you never intended to spend your time on or be a slave to.  Yet they take (and get) so much from me.

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    On the Road Again

    I leave Sunday for the third and final mission trip of the summer. This time around I’m heading out with my youth to Atlanta, Georgia, for a week of service at the Moncrief Center. We will be spending each day working with about 60 children in grades kindergarten – fifth grade. Most of the children are Hispanic children that live close to the Moncrief Center. They provide many ministries throughout the year. During the summer, groups come for a week and prepare different activities and lessons to both teach the children and have fun. Each evening the youth also sing at various locations – churches, senior centers, hospitals, homeless shelters.…