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Colorado Update

We are nearing the end of our senior trip here in Breckenridge and it has been a great trip.  Just six seniors went which is smaller than normal but a great group.  We have a great house here near downtown Breckenridge.  I’ll post pictures when I return home of the trip and the house.

We left late Saturday night and arrived late morning on Sunday.  We went to downtown Breckenridge on Monday and just relaxed to catch up on sleep and to get acclimated to the altitude here. Tuesday most of the group went white-water rafting on the Arkansas river. I stayed back with one youth who didn’t want to go which was completely fine with me.  I had a bad rafting trip several years ago where I almost drowned and I’m not particularly fond of water since then. Yesterday we all went horseback riding in the mountains which was beautiful because we had fresh snow.  It has snowed the last two days we’ve been here which is pretty but very WRONG for the end of May and senior trips.  All of the senior trips I’ve ever gone on have been to the beach which I love.  But the seniors get to choose and they selected Colorado.  So.. here I am riding a horse which makes me nervous in the middle of snow which makes me cold.  Man … I must really love these seniors. 

Today the boys got up early and headed out for a day hike.  The girls opted to stay behind, sleep in and then do to downtown Breckenridge for the afternoon. 

We will leave here tomorrow around lunch time and return to JC early on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to returning home to spend time with Blake and Morgan.


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