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Cool Print

The wonderful and talented Jen Lemen created this print for the good folks at www.coolpeoplecare.org. It is an awesome print – both in the artistic design as well as the inspiring words.  I ordered one for a central inspiration piece in my office. It is a nice mantra to say every day.  Can you picture me standing at the door, hand over heart, reciting this aloud as I head out the door?  No?  You should.

Anyway, if you are so inspired, go check it out and her other creations at http://jenlemen.etsy.com


  • kate

    just wanted to let you know that we got 2 pairs of TOMS shoes for family and they have said they are comfortable… they wore them all day shopping the day after christmas and had no complaints. so i know thats not as good as trying a pair for yourself, but there is a review for you.

  • Kailey

    Hey girl! Just saw all your picutres and you got some great ones from Christmas. Your nephew and niece are just precious. I also saw the digital scrapbooking pages and they are great! I really like them. I ment to ask you the other night how you enhanced Blakes picture with the blue shirt and his blue eyes. I’ve never figure out how to do that. Anways it was great hanging out with you the other night.

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