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It is no secret that I have a major (bordering on fanatical) human crush on Bob Goff.  And to be honest, nearly every person I know who has met Bob or read his book, Love Does, is crushing on him, too.  Why?  Because Bob is attractive. Oh, yes – I am definitely a sucker for baby blues that twinkle with life, love and mischief but it is so much more than that. (Side note: If you have baby blues that twinkle with life, love and mischief, I’m single and not completely unstable. Call me maybe.)
Bob lives and loves in goliath-size style. Seriously. If I told you half of his capers, you probably wouldn’t believe it and would accuse me of exaggeration but that would be the worst mistake of your entire existence.
I love what Jamie the Very Worst Missionary had to say about Bob after meeting him at the Storyline Conference in Portland:

I was particularly charmed by Bob Goff. This man, whom I had stupidly written off as goofy and overrated, is actually one of the most charismatic, enthusiastic, and seemingly genuine people I’ve ever been in the same room with. I LOVED him – Yes, capitalized L.O.V.E.D. him, he was that great.

 See? Crushing ….
I could do a whole blog series about the awesomeness of Bob.  Or you could just buy his book and read for yourself.  No, really. Go buy it.  All the profits go towards some awesome work in Uganda and The Mentoring Project in the US, so even if you don’t like the book (which you will), you’re still helping some awesome kids around the world.  So, win-win.

One day, Bob, one day. #Thankyouphotoshop

One of the many things that I love about Bob is how he makes things happen. Whether it is something heavy like defending the wrongly accused in an Ugandan court room or whether he is tying a young Ugandan boy to helium balloons to see how many it takes to lift him off the ground. (Apparently, it took 1,000 before he had lift off.)  Bob lives and tells these capers as a master storyteller – a storyteller who tells a story in such a way that he or she makes you believe you can live those same stories; that perhaps you were even involved in the one he just told! You walk away excited, energized and motivated to make things happen in your own life and in the lives of others because the best capers involve other people, resulting in extraordinary moments and memories for all involved and pointing us to the biggest lover of them all – God. Love big. Love HUGE. The way God loves us (or wants to love us if we would let Him.)
I’ve been taking notes, Bob. I’m jumping off the dock more and more. I’m ambushing people with helium balloons to give their spirits a lift. I’d roll my jeep if I still had it. I’m working on my cannonball so I can get people drenched with love.  I’m not just talking about it any more. I’m helping tell the story by living it. Because that is what love does.
Thank you for sharing yourself and your stories with all of us crazy, fanatical crushers. We love you for it. L.O.V.E. you.
Unexpected blessings today:
1 – A beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered with the wish of “Surprise blessings!”  Indeed it was. Thank you, H.F.! 🙂
2 – Great dinner conversation with my roommate. It is good to get knee-deep in life together.
3 – Gorgeous thunderstorm. I love thunderstorms like a


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