Random Reflections

Dang . . .

I just typed up an incredibly loooong post to explain my whereabouts the last few days and LOST IT!!!! Uggghhhh….. Don’t you hate that when that happens? I’m trying to decide if I have the energy to type it all again.

Abridged version:
1. Kitchen not done yet.
2. Unplanned $600 jeep repair caused financial issues and changes to my kitchen redo plans. Instead of white beadboard, I got white pained walls. But it looks good.
3. Floor yet to be done. After I finish, I promise to post pictures.
4. Spent Saturday in Arrowrock, MO with friends. Neat little town. We went to the Lyceum Theatre to see the play “The Foreigner”. Very entertaining. We ate supper at the local tavern. Great meal and a great day of fellowship.
5. Spent Monday and Tuesday at Windermere for a pastoral staff retreat. We had a productive and relaxing time together.
6. I’ve gotten caught up in the writings of Nicholas Sparks. He is a tremendous author and story-spinner. I finished the Nights in Rodathan in two days and am startingThe Wedding right now. It is the sequel to The Notebook – one of Sparks’ books that was released as a movie this past year.

Tomorrow I am going with my sister, mom and Blake to see my grandma (mom’s mom). This will be her first time to see Blake. I should have new pics posted tomorrow of their first meeting!!

Peace – Melissa

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