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Death of a Laptop

Some of my faithful blog followers may remember that my laptop starting acting very funny back in May right before I was scheduled to leave for senior trip.  Some folks looked at it and repaired it but told me that it could die any day.  Maybe 1 week; maybe 1 year.  Who knows . . . 

I know.  3 months – to the day!

It is very weird to be at home and not have a computer.  I definitely have an addiction to getting online, checking email, blogging, etc.  Its been a nice respite but I don’t think I’ll make it very long.  So, currently I am looking around the house for things I can sell or little extra ways to make cash.  I’m open to suggestions but please note that any suggestions must assure that I’m not fired as a minister. My only stipulation. 🙂

Great weekend.  Breakfast with Kailey on Saturday was a perfect start to the day.  Love you, girl, and thanks for being such an amazing friend. Can’t wait until our getaway in September! 🙂  Then, I spent most of Saturday with some Common Ground friends.  We went to see Neil Simon’s play "Barefoot in the Park" at the Lyceum Theatre in Arrowrock, MO.  It was a great play and just a great day in general. 

Played B-ball with CG guys today.  Didn’t leave one scratch this week.  Of course, my fingers look like little nubbs my nails are so short.  But at least I didn’t leave my mark on the arms of the other players.  My goal is to have the guys fearful of guarding me not because of my nails but because of my mad skills. No, really  . . .  seriously, stop laughing.

This week is packed but two of those days will be spent at my favorite place on earth – Windermere so that makes it all good.

Verse to leave you with from Matthew 16:23: You are a stumbling block to me, for you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.  This verse was part of the passage that Doyle preached on this morning and this particular verse really captured my attention.  How many times have I been a stumbling block to the work of God because I’m so focused on human things.  My heart, my mind, my behaviors fixated on selfish things or earthly concerns rather than fixated on things of God.  I believe we are agents of the God’s work in our lives and in our world and when we are so consumed with human things we miss miraculous opportunities to be used by God to bless others and to experience blessings ourselves.  Plus, life is simply better when we think on divine things more than on human things.  Some of the most meaningful and loving things in our life (relationships) have the Divine in and through it.  That is why they mean so much to us. So, this week I’m going to work on setting my mind and heart where it should be so that I am not a stumbling block to the work that God desires to do in and through my life.

Peace – Melissa


  • Melissa

    Wow – my threats on Saturday really worked! I should verbally threaten others more often. I simply did not realize the ease and the power of such tactics.
    Thanks for the ideas. All three seem like very viable options. Plus, I think all three have actually been done by people in ministry and they have not only made money, but have become “super Jesusified” as a result. My only problem is that all three sound like such fun. Perhaps I could marry someone wealthy who could help me finance the creation and marketing of an addictive substance that will allow people to lose weight without changing their lifestyle. Wait a minute – I sound too much like Anna Nicole Smith. Nevermind.

  • Preston

    Ways to make money:
    -Write a book called “Lose Weight Without Changing Your Lifestyle”. Fill it with 20 chapters of gibberish. It will fly off shelves.
    -Convince the government to let you sell a highly addictive substance that kills people. Advertise like crazy, especially to minors. The upfront costs are high, but the returns are unbelievable.
    -Marry a guy who’s filthy rich (may require you to sell your soul).
    Oh, and it turns out that I’m over 90% Emergent/PostModern

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