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** Sorry about the earlier posting trouble.  Apparently when you blog via text, you are limited in how much you can send.  No more novel-length texts.
We are in Detroit now and preparing to board for Amsterdam in about 30 minutes. Our flight leaves at 5:40 pm (EST) and we will arrive at Amsterdam in about 30 minutes.  Our flight leaves at 5:40 pm (EST) and we will arrive at Amsterdam at 7:40 am.  Things are going very well so far.  We are all very excited about finally arriving in Kenya after months of preparation.
The tons of stuff church and community members donated are boxed and being loaded on the plane as I type this.
Also, Emily just was informed by her dad that she was named Defensive Player of Missouri region.  Great news as she heads abroad and brings her soccer skills to the children of Naivasha, Kenya. 
Thanks for your continued prayers.  Two more flights to go.  We had a little “Fun” on this last flight. About halfway through, the pilot announced that we had a little problem with the nose wheel steering thingymabob and not to worry.  When we landed, some firetruks would be there to meet us as a precaution.  Sure enough, as we prepared to land, we saw the lights of the fire trucks. The landing was smooth an dseeing no danger, they drove away.  My biggest concern was that I might have to slide down the blow up ramp in a skirt.  Not how I wanted to be seen on national TV. 
I’ll post more from Amsterdam!

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