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I was in bad need of distractions tonight. You know – those times when you need your mind to be otherwise occupied for awhile with something other than what it is currently fixated on.  I went to the YMCA and worked out for awhile.  Ran through the pain I was feeling from yesterday’s basketball game with some of the guys from CG. Then I was set to go see a movie and on my way there, I sensed God telling me that I could run, but not hide.  I hate it when God does that.  By the time I got there I knew that it would be a waste of time and money.  So I kept driving and decided I would go for a walk and give God some time (since God was obviously trying to get some time with me).  On my way to the greenway, I got distracted by stores.  First, I’ll just run into MC Sports to get some new workout clothes because I need some (no, really . . .I did).  But not anymore.   Then, well, I’ll just run in to TJ Maxx real quick to pick up some house stuff.  Ran into people.  Chit-chatted.  Didn’t buy anything.  Back to the jeep.  It’s dark now so walking is out.  But hey . . . Old Navy is still open so I ran in there to pick up some more of my favorite tees.  While in Old Navy, I got a call from a friend that I hadn’t talked to in a few months and was the last person I would have expected to call tonight.  Not because its a bad thing or we are on bad terms. Life changed and we don’t have reasons to interact like we use to so I really didn’t expect to hear from him unless we happen to cross paths.  We talked for a while until I realized the store was closing and I had things in my arms that I still had to try on.  Did that.  Bought two t-shirts and savored my catch-up conversation with Jesse.

Distractions on two levels:
1.  I was distracted throughout the night from thoughts that I wished to be distracted from. Mission accomplished.
2.  I successfully allowed other things to distract me from God even though I knew in my soul that God and I needed focused, quiet time together tonight.  It is 10:08 pm and it still has not happened.  I truly can sense God’s sadness and displeasure with me – sadness because God wanted nothing more than to simply love on me, to comfort me and to strengthen me;  displeasure because we both know that I clearly heard God calling me to spend time with him and I willingly chose not to.

Signing out without the peace that I could have had tonight had I listened to God-

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