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Several years ago I heard the Mohandas Gandhi quote, “Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live”. The quote has stuck with me and I often think of it. And think of it. And think of it.

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Regretfully, I’ve given it a lot of thought but not much action.
My contemplating is over.
My house goes on the market on Wednesday and I’m downsizing my life significantly. I regret that it has taken me so long. Regardless, it is happening now.
I don’t have anything against home ownership. In fact, I believe it is a great investment and plan to do it again in the near future. After I’ve taken some time to simplify, pair down my possessions, and take stock of life. A friend has graciously allowed me to move in to her apartment with her as she, too, has been embracing simplification.
After traveling around the world and seeing the few possessions that the majority of people survive on (and quite happily I might add) and also seeing what I successfully live without while traveling for weeks (and quite happily I might add), I am embracing freedom from possessions and materialism. Freedom from wasteful spending on excess and upkeep.
All of this with certain faces and names in mind. Friends I’ve met and people I’ve seen throughout my travels. I don’t need to live exactly like they do. There is no point in going without electricity or sleeping on the concrete floor or eating one meal a day of beans and rice. But I can make significant changes and free myself up to love and live extravagantly for others.
It is simply amazing and sad how much stuff one accumulates over the years. Stuff that you think you might use or need to have yet haven’t touched in the four years since the last move. Stuff that instead of making life better simply weights us down.
Even though I’m tired from all the cleaning, sorting, and hauling away, I’m filled with joy and excitement about living simply and loving significantly.

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