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Have you ever had one of the moments where something happened that you kind of wanted to happen and then when it did you suddenly became nauseated and freaked out?  You know … for a long time you thought "Wouldn’t that be swell . . " and then it happened and you think "what have I done?" as you reach for the nearest trash can. 

That happened to me tonight. (The trash can is right next to my desk so I am okay.) I was looking at the hits for my website today and I saw nearly 200 hits.  Many came from email accounts.  I can’t see specific email addresses but rather email providers like hotmail, yahoo, etc.  Of course, curiosity set in because I typically average 30 – 35 hits a day. So, 200 – – yep, big difference.  After a few clicks, I uncovered the reason for the traffic.

I was the featured blog in an email newsletter sent out to youth ministers from Youth Specialties – an national (really, international) organization for youth workers.  I have no idea how that happened.  The best I can come up with is that I am a member of a blog ring for youth ministers. Whatever the case, I now have many comrades in ministry dropping by today to check this "featured blog" out and I must admit that I feel completely inadequate to be featured.  All of the sudden I face the question of how valuable my reflections on anything are for the world at large.  I wonder if Andy Rooney ever feels this way.

Anyway, I feel this pressure to put up something of value for you friendly folks dropping by because someone at Youth Specialties had a lapse moment in blog judgement.  You know, something like a mini-loaf of lemon poppy-seed bread wrapped in colorful seran wrap and tied with curly ribbons with a note.

So here it is.  It reminds me a lot of youth ministry – or at least my career in youth ministry! Enjoy the laughs.

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