Random Reflections

Fever Day

What a great Saturday from start to finish.  First fever – Spring FEVER!  This afternoon I threw open all the windows and doors and did major spring cleaning (thanks for the motivation, Cari and Mike).  My house looks and smells CLEAN and springy.  Yep – I said "springy".  Spring cleaning is a great feeling once you just settle in and do it.  Of course, it helped that Kailey was hanging out here working online on some projects.  It was great just to have her there and I literally just cleaned around here.  I mean literally – "kailey – lift your feet up"; "kailey – can you move the computer a little to the right", etc.  But I am savoring my home tonight and basking in the freshness of my house.

Second fever – FEVER Pitch.  Tonight after supper with our moms, and my sister and nephew, Kailey and I saw "Fever Pitch".  Cute movie.  We went for ice cream afterwards on this perfect weather night.  Later four of my youth met up with us and that was the big unexpected blessing of the day!!  I love my youth – they rock big time.  We had ice cream outside and talked nonsense.  You know – those conversations where you basically go on and on and tag off of each other about random, pointless things.  My favorite kinds of conversations.  I’m good with pointless conversations.  It was a supreme way to wrap up this Saturday. 

Funny thought today:  I found a book today titled "The Art of Kissing".  My amatuer review: it pretty much sucked.  (hee hee)

Peace – Melissa

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