Random Reflections


I’m heading out for a float trip this weekend.  Common Ground is heading out this evening after work to camp out tonight and then float the Current all day on Saturday.  It looks like a perfect weekend for floating – no rain; hot sun; yippee.  I enjoy float trips and being outside.  Tonight will be a campfire and s’mores – YES! Tomorrow will be a very relaxing, all-day float.  Steve will be in charge of the canoe and I’ll make him do all the work while I kick back and relax. 🙂  There are 20 of us going and it should be just a great time of community.  It will be weird to be on a church-related trip and not have to be responsible for details, people, etc.  Weird but FANTASTIC! 

Things have been good this week as I’m trying to figure out a normal routine again.  Summer always gets me a little off-balance.  (please refrain from snide remarks.)  Next Sunday I am preaching so need to dedicate some major time to my sermon.  As I do prep, I’ll probably share some thoughts and reflections as I read and study.

Steve and I watched Saw and Memento this past week or two.  Both are very interesting movies.  If you like movies where you can’t figure out the entire story, then you would enjoy these two.  They are surprising and refreshing. (Saw has some violence and gore so just a heads up.)

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.  I’ll post when I return and hopefully will have some entertaining moments to share from our weekend.

Peace – Melissa

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