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Friday Five: Five Fav Things From the Week

The Friday Five this week from Revgals is to list five favorite things from this past week. With a nice prompt to find the good in a week I barely remember, here goes:

1. Road Trip with the youth – Last Saturday and Sunday I took many youth to some concerts. I love hanging out with my youth.  They help me remember to just have a good time and that craziness is coolness.

2. Monday Hiberation – I didn’t leave the house or talk to a soul on Monday. That is a perfect 10 day!!!

3. One of my junior guys running across the courtyard before the varisty high school volleyball game and yelling "I love you, Mel."  It is just nice to know that you are loved and that I still have enough coolness that the kids aren’t embarassed by me.

4. Time with my nephew, Blake, on Thursday.  He is so darn cute and smart. 

5. I’m still kickin.

Peace -Mel

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