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Friday Five Post

From My RevGal Blog Ring:

Many areas of the United States are having a heat wave. Global warming, anyone? Look on the bright side of melting glaciers and enviro-destruction by taking a crack at the Friday Five:

1. What’s the high temperature today where you are? 94

2. Favorite way(s) to beat the heat.  Chocolate Ice Cream

3. "It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity." Evaluate this statement.  A very popular statement in Missouri.  It is the excuse we give in response to those in the South that complain about "100" degree temperatures compared to our complaints of "90s".  Not wanting to be thought of as pansies, we respond, "Well, it’s not heat, its the humidity." Take that.

4. Discuss one or more of the following: sauna, hot tub, sweat lodge, warm-stone massage. The most amazing hot tub experience I had was at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Frisco, Colorado, during an annual ski trip with friends.  The frigid walk from the condo to the hot tub, shuttering as I go wrapped in a towel as my flip flops crunch in the snow.  "Something is seriously wrong with this picture," I thought to myself. But once I slid into that steaming hot tub and enjoy the contrast of the cold mountain air and the boiling hot water under the canopy of the majestic mountains and sparkling stars, I understood the enticement of such an odd winter activity.

5. Hottest you’ve ever been in your life. Working in the kitchen of a homeless shelter in New Orleans several years ago on a mission trip with youth.  Combo of summer heat, oven heat, dishwasher heat, body heat and no airconditioning created a very intense sauna like kitchen to slave away in as we prepared and served lunches.   But it really wasn’t the heat . . . . it was the humidity.

MatthewmcNon-temperature related bonus: In your opinion… who’s hot?

Matthew McConaughey – HELLO!!!!


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