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Get Your Feet Wet

It had been way too long since I walked barefoot in the rain.  But I took care of that today.  I went downtown for lunch with a co-worker and as we walked back to the church, the rain poured.  We had umbrellas but it didn’t help much.  So at Central Bank, I stopped, took off my sandals and made the most of the walk back to the church.  A grand adventure, in deed. Yes – a few stares from people about me barefoot, in a dress, walking in the rain.  But I think they were simply jealous and secretly wishing they were walking barefoot in the rain as well.

I got a super, oober good email from a friend this morning that made my day.  Thanks, padre!

I came home around 9:45 tonight and was greeted with a message on my machine from one of my sophomore girls that said I just had to call her back because she had the best unexpected blessing to tell me about.  I ran (yes, literally ran) to the phone to call her and she definitely had a wonderful, God-saturated unexpected blessing.   Her looking for an unexpected blessing today and then sharing it with me with such enthusiasm created yet another unexpected blessing for me today.   

There is some concern on my part that I am sounding a little "pollyanna" with all my talk about unexpected blessings and that the meter for causing vomitous reactions as you read my posts is dangerously high.  I don’t intend to be and I hope that this is not the case.  In fact, today I also made one of the worst mistakes I’ve made in a very long time and I’m heart-broken over it.  I’m not sure how it is going to turn out but I definitely can’t go back either. Somehow, even in the midst – maybe especially in the midst – I need to look for unexpected blessings even more.  Always, always survey the horizon for God.  Always, always sniff for the scent of Christ upon people, events, feelings, situations, everything.

Right now – I think I smell the scent of Christ on my sheets so I’m going to bed.  (or maybe its the scent of shower-fresh Bounce?  I get the two confused sometimes.)

Peace – Melissa

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  • Kailey

    I love how you can just really appricate the little things in life. Things that we take for granted every day. Your out look on life is just super postive no matter if things are going your way or not. My unexpected blessing for yesturday was our conversation last night. Though it didn’t particularly pertain to me it blessed me in many ways. LOVE YOU!

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