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Getting Organized

I continually struggle to find a organizing system that works for me. I’ve bought planner after planner – Franklin Covey, Day Planner. I’ve gone paperless with Sony Clie, Zire, and I currently own a Red Blackberry Pearl (which I love).  But not for organizing.  I love email access 24/7.  I’ve learned that I work best with a paper system – one that allows me to see big picture and attend to details and the multitued of ideas that come from my processing, reading, researching, etc.  On the same note, I’m not faithful to journaling.  I have several unfinished journals.  I would do okay for awhile, then hit and miss, and upon deciding to get back to it, I would purchase a new journal for my new start. Repeat.

So, I was reading one of my regular blog haunts and Adam just blogged about his newest attempt – Moleskin PDA using a modified GTD system.  GTD comes from an incredibly popular book and phenomenon which I read a couple of years ago and really liked.  But I never put most of the concepts into effect. I like the idea of combining my to-do list, project planning, processing and journal in one handy place.  So, I’ve purchased my necessary supplies and I’m giving it a try. The hardest challenge has been deciding what tabs to include. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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